E+PLC100 Compact Precision PLC

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E+PLC100 Compact Precision PLC
E+PLC100 Compact Precision PLC

Advanced control, data management and visualization in a single box solution

  • A compact combination PLC
  • Precise control, setpoint programmer and tamper resistant recording fully integrated within a PLC application
  • Minimizes engineering and commissioning costs while maximizing process performance
  • Inbuilt advanced PID and setpoint programmer functions
  • Continuous and batch recording
  • Visualization remotely browsable from smart devices

E+PLC100 Quote

Merk: Eurotherm
Model: E+PLC100
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E+PLC100 Data Sheet (HA032072NED Iss 4) 1MiB 25-04-2016
Mechanical Details
Cut-out dimensions
Archiving Strategy
Autotuning PID
Batch Management
Communications Protocols
FTP, Modbus, TCP/IP (Master/Slave) OPC-DA via PC based software
I/O Expansion Method
Panel HMI (Protocol)
Built in
Product I/O Format
AI(4), AO(3), DI(3), DO(2), RLY(3)
Programming Languages
IEC61131-3 compliant CFC, FBD, IL, LD, SFC, ST
Programming Platform
CODESYS (open)
Recording Duration (approx)
Based on 4 chs at intervals of: 1s 13 days 10s 130 days 20s 260 days 60s 2 years
Secure Recording
Setpoint Programmer
Suitable for AMS2750E Process
Web Visualisation

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Webserver Access


  • EtherNet/IP Client or Server mode
  • IP66 Washdown Front, DDD Option (3 x Isolated DC Outputs)
  • Program Select Enhancements
  • Webserver
  • OEM Security Enhancements
  • 1 x Logic I/O, 2 x Isolated DC Outputs (LDD option).
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